Forest Cliff

Meet cute and furry Only Fans performer Forest Cliff in this exclusive interview.

Lorenzo Joseph from GayHoopla

Lorenzo Joseph

If you ever had a gay sex fantasy involving a certain web-slinging super-hero you’ll want…

Ty Roderick at Cocky Boys

Ty Roderick

Let me introduce you to one of the more masculine guys you can see at…

Alejandro Fusco from

Alejandro Fusco

Hairy Latin pornstud Alejandro Fusco naked and horny!

Ken Ott from GayHoopla

Ken Ott

I must say that Ken Ott may have a perfect body. Not too big or…

Spunk Worthy naked hairy hunk Preston


Preston is one big boy, from his huge biceps to his thick thighs and his…

Raffaele Oliveria from Lucas Kazan

Raffaele Oliveria

Although they share the same last name it’s never made clear if Raffaele Oliveria is…

Liam Emerson from Cocky Boys

Liam Emerson

Here’s a cute young gay dancer I just got done jacking off to at the…

Bentley Race Czech nude model Tom Bartos

Tom Bartos

22 year old Tom Bartos is from Prague and happened to be in Munich the…

Mario Domini from Lucas Kazan

Mario Domini

Imagine being hot and sexual enough to have both a girlfriend AND a boyfriend at…

Jason Keys from GayHoopla

Jason Keys

Blonde and blue-eyed Jason Keys is an athletic jock you can see naked and hard…

Tanner from Chaos Men


Sexy scoundrel with a horny attitude

Aussie Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Here’s a straight 22 year old lad from Australia I think you’ll like. His name…

Spunk Worthy hunk model Nevin


Nevin is a handsome young man with some very intense deep brown eyes. As he…

Gay pornstar Saxon West

Saxon West

Today’s must-see man is a sexy American who now lives in London. Saxon West has…

Danielle Montana from Lucas Kazan

Danielle Montana

“Beautiful” is not a word most people use to describe men. It’s usually reserved just…

Diego from Cocky Boys


Boxer with power pecs and abs of steel.

Ivo Kerk

I was digging through some of my past video downloads from the Badpuppy gay porn…

Gay lovers Vinnie & Mauricio

Vinnie & Mauricio

Real life gay lovers Vinnie and Mauricio have passionate sex.

Spunk Worthy cute guy Corey


I’m digging into my archives today to tell you about one of the early models…

Jan Sourek

Sometimes I think I should change the name of this website to “Wow, what a…

ett Black from Cocky Boys

Jett Black

Every now and then I feel obligated to highlight a twink, or a young guy…

Spunk Worthy hairy young hunk Noah


When he’s wearing clothes Noah looks like a sweet little innocent guy, with his close…

Levi Karter from Cocky Boys

Levi Karter

Look up the definition of the word “adorable” in a dictionary and you may very…

Bearded Skippy Baxter poses naked

Skippy Baxter

Bentley Race has been trying for years to get his friend Skippy Baxter to appear…

Dmitry Dickov from GayHoopla

Dmitry Dickov

Just like JJ Swift, Cole Money and a few others, Dmitry Dickov may look familiar…


He’s an ex-Military man plus ex-high school football player and has the body to prove…


If the Olympics had a cumshot event the young hunk on this page would probably…

Allen King from Cocky Boys

Allen King

So far Allen King has done about 10 hardcore gay sex videos for Cocky Boys…

Tony Falco from College Dudes

Tony Falco

Italian stud with gleaming blue eyes jerks off.

Samuel O'Toole from Next Door Studios

Samuel O’Toole

When they perfect cloning start with this guy

Tony Orion from Pride Studios

Tony Orion

Latin hunk Tony Orion is great in bed, bad on dance floor.

Nude model Ryan Kai

Ryan Kai

Kittens and puppies have got nothing on Ryan Kai when it comes to cuteness. This…