Aro Damacino

Bentley Race model Aro Damacino
Today’s must-see man is a sexy dude from the Middle East named Aro Damacino. He’s 26 years old and now living in Berlin, the place he was discovered by Bentley Race for his gay porn website. Aro was hesitant to do nude modeling because, believe it or not, he didn’t think he was good looking enough to be photographed! What? It took some convincing but luckily this hottie got naked and jerked off on camera. He even let Bentley suck him off! I’d sure like to be in the position of gobbling down that hefty size dick. Aro is one hot dude I think you’ll love watching at Bentley Race!

Nude model Aro Damacino hairy chest and beard
Bentley Race model Aro Damacino with beard and furry chest

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