Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal naked
Today’s must-see man is a young horny guy you can see exclusively at the Broke Straight Boys gay porn website. His name is Brandon Beal and like most of the BSB guys he was in need of some cash so even though he’s straight and has a girlfriend he let his guard down and seemed OK with stuffing his cock in another dudes ass, or swallowing a dick in his own mouth. In fact, I’d say Brandon really seemed to enjoy it, even letting a few guys fuck him! Maybe it’s because he’s a very horny lad. In his solo jack-off video Brandon explains that he has not had sex with his girlfriend yet so he masturbates several times a day, even three times in a row in some sessions! Brandon has made a bunch of videos at Broke Straight Boys over the years and you can see him develop from a somewhat skinny young 18 year old into the hunkier guy with facial hair you see today. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Brandon Beal videos…

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In his first solo jack-off scene Brandon doesn’t seem that nervous about making porn. He’s got a great smile, a cute face and a great attitude. In his interview we find out he’s doing porn because he needs money for a new car. He also says that he can do an impression of a gay guy which he does sometimes when he’s out with friends for fun. Brandon does a rare double handed jerk-off, beating his cock relentlessly until the sperm goes flying. This is a great introduction to this cute young stud.

Broke Straight Boys nude model Brandon Beal jerks off
Brandon Beal naked and cums at Broke Straight Boys

Brandon didn’t waste anytime in getting indoctrinated into the world of gay sex because his next video was a threesome with two other newcomers, Spencer Todd and Zane Tate. In this scene Brandon kisses both Spencer and Zane and has his dick sucked off by the guys. He also gives the guys a first-time blowjob, treating the dicks like his favorite lollipop. The guys positioned themselves on the sofa with Brandon in the middle and with their hands wrapped around their own cock shafts, the three guys jerked themselves off at a fast and furious rate as they raced to be the first to cum. Brandon was first, shooting his load all over his stomach and into his pubes and was almost instantly followed by Zane unleashing a fountain of spunk on to his abdomen, the cum trickling down his hip. Spencer actually came at the same time as Kane, a river of cum splattering over his stomach and oozing between his fingers.

Brandon Beal in a hot threeway gay sex scene at Broke Straight Boys

For a straight guy Brandon Beal sure knows how to suck cock. He teaches his next partner Tyler Blaze a thing or two, slurping the big dick just about down to the pubes, mixing his saliva with pre-cum. This got Tyler warmed up for the main event, his first fuck from a dude! Brandon slides his cock into Tyler’s ass without a condom and the feel of raw man-meat pounding his prostate sends Tyler into moans of ecstasy. Brandon treats Tyler like his own sexual plaything. When he gets close to orgasm, Brandon picks up the pace and this forces Tyler’s cries to get louder. Brandon doesn’t cum inside Tyler and instead pulls out and jerks a large load on to Tyler’s asshole. Then he pushes his cock back in coating Tyler’s insides with sperm. The best part is when Brandon turns tender, sucking and jerking Tyler off until he busts a nut. Brandon even opens his mouth so some of Tyler’s man juice lands on his tongue and bottom lip.

Straight guy Tyler Blaze gets fucked for the first time by Brandon Beal at Broke Straight Boys

One of my favorite Broke Straight Boys is Johnny Forza and in this scene he gets to feel Brandon’s cock inside him for a hot fucking session. Before that Brandon gives Johnny an intense blowjob that makes his toes curl. When the fucking commences, Brandon’s strokes are slow and powerful. They are also balls deep. Poor Johnny. He grits his teeth and moans, but his cock is rock-hard. The pleasure definitely seems to overcome the pain. Brandon goes after that ass like a madman. “You like that dick?” he asks. Johnny’s answer is muffled by the pillow he’s biting. The fucking gets faster and Johnny begins to jerk his own dick while Brandon plows into him. Skin smacking skin drowns out all other noises. Brandon even begins to grunt. Those jabs to his prostate prove too much for Johnny. His load of cum explodes, landing on his chest and stomach. Brandon takes a few more stabs in the man hole and pulls out, his cum spraying Johnny’s stomach. But Brandon has a surprise for his partner. He sticks his still solid dick in Johnny’s wet asshole. The shock causes Johnny’s body to shake and wow, I was too after watching this scene!

Muscle hunk Johnny Forza fucked by Brandon Beal at Broke Straight Boys

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One of my other favorite must-see men at the Broke Straight Boys gay porn website is Paul Canon. Paul has a huge body of work at this site and others but if you’re wondering when was the first time he got fucked by a dude on video, the answer is in this scene and the lucky guy busting Paul’s cherry was none other than Brandon Beal. This video was also a first for Brandon also as he had never fucked a virgin before. As the clothes come off we begin to see Brandon’s further developed body, getting hunkier with each appearance. He grabs Paul by the head and forces his mouth down on his cock, which Paul appears to enjoy a lot because his own dick fills with blood and stands at attention. Once Brandon is rock hard he positions his dick into Paul’s plump ass. It’s a tight fit at first, but eventually Brandon gets it all in. Paul moans and the look on his face says it all. If he had a pillow he would bite it. Brandon’s rhythm gets steady and he’s going balls deep. “Take that dick,” Brandon orders as he slaps Paul’s ass. The sound of Paul’s ass getting smacked with each down stroke fills the studio. That and the sound of Paul’s whimpering. “Oh, fuck!” Paul whines as he tries to adapt to the onslaught on his virgin ass. Brandon’s fucking isn’t brutal, but it is demanding. At one point he grabs Paul’s neck and pounds away. Positions are switched; Paul puts his legs up in the air. His eyes are closed and teeth clenched. When Paul nuts the first steam of jizz hits his shoulder! The rest of his spunk coats his chest and stomach. Brandon pulls out and jerks his cock, squirting his cum all over Paul’s still hard dick.

Gay pornstar Paul Canon gets fucked for the first time by Brandon Beal at Broke Straight Boys

Next up is a scene with two of the more experienced gay porn studs at Broke Straight Boys, Brandon Beal and Blake Bennet. These two know what they’re doing when it comes to gay sex and we see it all. Kissing, cocksucking, rimming and a vigorous fucking by Blake. The combination of getting fucked and kissed at the same time pushes Brandon over the edge and wet spunk goes flying across his chest. In fact, I’d say that if you’re a fan of guys kissing this is a great video to check out.

Brandon Beal and Blake Bennet kissing and fucking at Broke Straight Boys

There is a first time for every young straight guy to have his cherry busted. It happened for Brandon and in this scene he returns the favor and breaks in virgin Sebastian Wilde to the pleasures of man-dick in an ass. It didn’t start out that way though. In this video it was Sebastian who was supposed to fuck Brandon but the straight guy just couldn’t get aroused at the thought of his dick inside a dude, so the roles were reversed and Sebastian became the bottom instead. He certainly wasn’t prepared for that but he really needed the money so he hunkered down and took the bareback cock with no complaints. I think he even enjoyed it a little! This is also the first scene with Brandon sporting some sexy facial scruff.

Brandon Beal fucks gay virgin Sebastian Wilde at Broke Straight Boys

You gotta love gay orgy scenes and in this one we have Blake Savage, Vadim Black, Zeno Kostas, and Brandon Beal stripping down and hooking up. Blake and Brandon go down on their partners first, getting those cocks deep in their throat. The guys figure out quick that it’s much easier if they form a line, giving a blowjob to the lucky guy in front of them. There’s so much slurping, sucking and gagging going on it’s hard to tell which guy it’s coming from! When it comes time for the fucking, Brandon and Vadim bottom for Blake and Zeno. Some partner swapping occurs and asses are stretched to the limit. Brandon gets a hot facial in this video with the guys shooting their cum into his open mouth!

Brandon Beal in a gay orgy sex scene at Broke Straight Boys

One of my favorite guys Vadim Black makes a return appearance with Brandon in this video that starts off with some cocksucking after an intense gym workout. The guys are so hungry for dick that they get into the 69 position so they can gobble down each other’s meat at the same time. Once the cocks are rock-hard it’s time for the fucking and once again Brandon shows off his skills as a top, plowing Vadim’s tight ass like a jackhammer. This video is notable because Brandon actually cums twice! I guess Vadim really turned him on!

Brandon Beal fucks Vadim Black and cums twice at Broke Straight Boys

Finally we have a scene with cute Zeno Kostas, another fave at Broke Straight Boys. Zeno likes to have his nipples played with and sucked so Brandon starts there before having his cock sucked by the sexy Zeno. Brandon returns the favor and uses his mouth and tongue to do a new move on Zeno that seems to drive him wild. Brandon wants his dick to get more attention so he face-fucks Zeno and then once he’s hard, lowers himself on to Zeno’s waiting bareback dick. But Zeno wants more control so he bends Brandon over the chair, dominating that ass as he fucks Brandon raw and hard. Zeno takes a break from pounding Brandon’s ass to give him head, sticking a finger up his asshole before he fucks him again until they both bust a nut!

Brandon Beal gets fucked by Zeno Kostas at Broke Straight Boys

So hopefully now you see why Brandon Beal is a must-see man! Check out all of the videos from the above photos now at Broke Straight Boys!

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