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Ty Roderick at Cocky Boys

Ty Roderick

Let me introduce you to one of the more masculine guys you can see at…

Liam Emerson from Cocky Boys

Liam Emerson

Here’s a cute young gay dancer I just got done jacking off to at the…

Diego from Cocky Boys


Boxer with power pecs and abs of steel.

ett Black from Cocky Boys

Jett Black

Every now and then I feel obligated to highlight a twink, or a young guy…

Levi Karter from Cocky Boys

Levi Karter

Look up the definition of the word “adorable” in a dictionary and you may very…

Allen King from Cocky Boys

Allen King

So far Allen King has done about 10 hardcore gay sex videos for Cocky Boys…

Lucas from Cocky Boys


Sexy young hunk takes a hot bath at CockyBoys

Justin LeBeau from Cocky Boys

Justin LeBeau

One of my favorite things to see on a young guy is shaggy hair so…

Bravo Delta from Cocky Boys

Bravo Delta

A few years ago a VERY hot young man who went by the name Bravo…