Angel Rock

Angel Rock at College Dudes
I love guys named Angel. First, they’re usually Latin and I have a soft spot for Hispanic men. And second, they often seem to have a devilish charisma about them, as if they’re trying to over compensate for the name Angel and all the heavenly good it implies. Maybe that’s why I like Angel Rock so much. This 20 year old is one of the stars at College Dudes and its easy to see why. With that sexy grin and buff body Angel is hard to stop staring at. He’s like a gift from heaven above but with a hell-raising sexual appetite.

Angel is a Cuban-American and he’s made several videos at College Dudes. His first was a solo jack off scene where he works his cock up to a firm hardness very quickly and then proceeds to tease us with every inch of his hot body. When he turns around and shoves his tight ass into the camera lens my jaw dropped and my cock sprang to attention. Angel works himself into a sexual frenzy as he rolls over on his back, moaning and sweating before a nice load of warm jizz sprays across his belly. In his follow-up performances we get to see Angel fuck Rob Ryder, Patrick Hand and Tom Faulk, and boy, those guys must have been very glad they showed up to work those days!

Angel is only 5 feet 5 inches tall but you wouldn’t know it from looking at his photos, where his beautifully chiseled body makes him look much larger. And speaking of large, check out that uncut dick! Wow, that’s a mouthful! Angel Rock is a stunning new addition to the world of gay porn and I can’t wait to see much more of him.

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