Marshall White

Marshall White at College Dudes
I am so weak. I swear that when it comes to hunky men I’m like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at a pie eating contest. My eyes glaze over and I can’t get enough. Such is the case with the beefcake on this page named Marshall White. This strapping 21 year old young jock is 6 feet 2 inches tall, 195 pounds and loves to play football. He says he has a great sex life and the craziest place he’s fucked a girl is on the roof of a Wal-Mart. Marshall has a drop dead gorgeous face that is both cute and rugged… a rare combination. If you’re not hard yet from reading this description just start gazing at the photos below. Wow. Look at that perfect body and rock hard cock standing at full attention. I can’t take my eyes off this hottie or his solo jack-off video. These pics are from Marshall’s debut porn performance at the College Dudes website and I can only hope we get to see more of him in the months ahead.

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