Dex Hammer

There was a time when I may have watched Dex Hammer’s solo video at least once a week. He’s still my go to guy if I’m browsing my vast collection of videos and can’t decide which to watch. The man is simply that HOT! Of the hundreds of male models I’ve seen over the years Dex is in my top five all time favorites, maybe even the top three! He has everything you want in a man and more. Huge muscled body, luscious hair covered torso and legs, close cropped beard and a huge cock that gets hard as soon as the clothes come off. Is there anything more a guy could have? Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part: Dex is really good looking with a super sexy smile and deep brown eyes. Sadly, Dex is a one hit wonder. For whatever reason he didn’t do another scene past his first solo jack off video. Maybe the gods will smile upon us and convince Dex to get back in front of a camera.

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