UPDATE: It looks like Jeff’s STR8Cam porn website is no longer online and instead he’s concentrating on his lube business. Oh well, maybe he’ll change his mind and come back to porn someday. In the meantime here is the interview I did with him a few years ago.

Imagine you were best friends with a hunky, muscular straight guy who had huge biceps, amazing blue eyes and a sexy furry chest. You could chat with this guy a few times a week to see what’s new in his life and maybe share workout tips. Now imagine that this straight buddy also let you watch him get naked and jerk off, even allowing you to make suggestions for how he could best pleasure himself. Well guess what? No need to imagine all this thanks to Jeff at STR8Cam.

For a reasonable monthly membership fee Jeff is sort of like your own real live virtual horny straight man buddy who you can chat with and watch naked on your PC. He’s had his own personal webcam site on the net for awhile and has amassed quite a following. He’s actually somewhat of a legend in the world of gay porn sites because of his loyal fan base that raves about him on message boards. With all of these guys claiming that Jeff is a “must-see man” I had to check him out for myself and you know what? They’re absolutely right!

Jeff has hundreds of past webcam shows archived on his site and he does new ones a couple times a week. I could tell from the ones I watched that Jeff is a super nice guy in addition to being VERY easy on the eyes. If you ever fantasized about entering the life of a 100% straight hunk and watching his imaginative sexual adventures up close and personal, this is one website you’ll want to check out.

I contacted Jeff to ask if he’d participate in the first ever MustSeeMen celebrity interview and he graciously agreed.

MSM: Hi Jeff, thanks for answering some questions for us and congratulations on being a “Must-See Man”! Let’s start with the basics: what are your stats?
JEFF: I’m the big 3-oh, 5 foot ten, 195 pounds, size 11 shoe, big biceps at 18.5 inches, and an average size cock. The cam adds ten pounds. LOL

MSM: You’re obviously in very good shape. How do you stay that way?
JEFF: Thanks! I enjoy working out. I lift weights and do cardio a few times a week. For my workout schedule I usually do a big muscle group like back or chest on Monday. That way I get in a nice workout the first day of the week and work a large muscle group to ensure my body is sore and worked out well. I also usually split my workout into separate muscles. I don’t do chest/triceps or back/biceps like most people. I only do chest one day, back one day, legs one day, etc. I do however usually workout my biceps and triceps together. Besides weight training I do cardio kickboxing, sometimes only once a week to add something different to my routine. Believe it or not I don’t really have a special diet. What I do instead is eat anything I want but I do it with fat free or reduced fat foods. So I have fat free sour cream, fat free milk, fat free cottage cheese, etc… I don’t really drink soda or beer either.

MSM: Got any exercise tips for the rest of us?
JEFF: Start your workouts with cardio. It’s a great way to warm up and it’s also great for your heart and for staying in shape. Plus you won’t skip it at the end of your workout because you are doing it first and getting it over with. Also a great exercise tip is to not pay attention to the pounds you are lifting but instead pay attention to your form. Be strict with your exercises and don’t cheat while working out, just to lift more weights. Lastly, finish each workout with some abs. I usually only do 1 or 2 sets of incline situps after my workouts. For me, incline situps work the best.

MSM: What can you tell us about your background?
JEFF: I grew up in Florida. After graduating high school I joined the Army. Stayed in for 5 years and took a few college classes. Got stationed in California and after leaving the service I decided to stay in Cali and not move back to Florida. It was a great choice since I met my beautiful wife here and now live a happy healthy life.

MSM: You’re married? How does your wife feel about your cam site?
JEFF: My wife is fine with my cam and lube site. She supports me in everything I do. She is the best! She even helps me pack up STR8Cam lube orders sometimes when I’m busy.

MSM: How long have you been doing nude shows on the internet and what gave you the idea to get into this?
JEFF: A hundred years… LOL. Sometimes it seems like that but it’s actually been 11 awesome years of shows. I do two a week at STR8Cam so it does not get boring or repetitious. I got the idea for the site while I was going online to cam chat rooms looking for fun on the weekends. I joined a popular cam site and found that my room would fill up with people watching me, sometimes even crashing the software so I decided to start my own cam site instead, sort of as a challenge to see if I could do it, and also because of all the fun and exciting people I was meeting online. I’m glad I did since it’s been the best 11 years ever.

MSM: What were your early shows like?
JEFF: In my first few shows I was a little nervous. I actually did not get naked in those first shows, I only flexed and chatted. Then as I got more comfy on cam I showed more skin. Now I do full nudity, jerk-off on cam, fuck Fleshjacks, blow-up dolls, pumpkins, etc. It’s been fun and addicting!

MSM: How has doing the STR8Cam site changed your life?
JEFF: Doing STR8Cam has changed my life because I dedicate a lot of time to the site and my new STR8Cam lube. Even though I’m on camera twice a week I’m still answering emails and packing up STR8Cam lube orders 7 days a week, so it’s a full time job but I enjoy it. It’s the best job I ever had! I can’t wait to quit my other job!

MSM: Tell us more about your lube… is it a formula you created yourself?
JEFF: My new lube is awesome! It just hit #1 as TLA Gay’s top selling sex toy. Basically, I created a new lube for my shows that looks and feels like my load. Let me explain.. over the years of doing my shows, I never really found a lube that lasts a long time without drying up and without leaving my keyboard and computer equipment sticky. Since my shows last for 30 minutes to an hour I did not want to re-apply lubricant every few minutes and I also didn’t want to use greasy oily lube that ruins my toys or my camera equipment. I decided to create my own lube and I called it STR8cam Lube. To make my lube unique and stand out from others, I did not want it clear. Most lubes are clear so I wanted mine creamy. I decided that making it look like my cum would be AWESOME since no other lube is like that. Plus I wanted it to last longer then other water based lubes and I also wanted it to be safe with condoms and sex toys. It’s an all purpose lube that’s great for everything and it’s getting awesome reviews.

MSM: I know you’re straight but I have to ask… have you ever played around sexually with a guy, even when you were younger? You know, some straight guys “experiment”?
JEFF: No, I never played around sexually with a guy before. I’m not attracted to men, only women. I was never curious and never wanted to experiment with another guy.

MSM: A lot of male porn stars are straight but “gay for pay”… if the money was right would you ever do a full gay sex scene with another guy?
JEFF: I’m sure the money would be great but I don’t do this just for the money. I have fun with STR8Cam, doing my shows and meeting new people and friends. I did not start STR8Cam for the money but started it as a challenge and as something fun to do. I’m not into doing any full gay sex scenes with another guy. That’s way out of my comfort zone.

MSM: As a straight man how does it feel to be somewhat of a “sex symbol” for gay men? I mean, right now there is probably some dude somewhere on the planet jerking off to one of your videos or photos… how does this make you feel?
JEFF: I never look at people as being str8, gay, bi, trans, etc.. to me, people are people and my fans are fans. I’m having a blast meeting new people, hanging out online, and jerking my cock and fucking toys for my shows. I honestly don’t consider myself a solo porn star or a gay sex symbol. I see things as one huge friendship. Every week my members log on to STR8Cam to chat with me, find out how my week is going, and to unwind with a good jerk-off session or to see me plowing the next great fuck toy. I have fun with it and that’s why I have been going strong for 11 years now.

MSM: Do you have any future plans for the site? What can your fans expect in 2011 and beyond?
JEFF: I have big plans! For starters, I’m going to start adding more solo guys to STR8Cam in 2011. Can’t wait! It will bring new awareness to my site and will ensure there is something exciting to watch at STR8Cam every day of the week. I’m also switching to a more powerful server and I’m going to re-design my site. I want people to be able to search for videos using key words and just make it better in general. Also, in early 2011 I have plans to start offering my new 2 ounce STR8Cam lube travel size bottles. Can’t wait for those to be ready! Just finished up my 1/2 gallon jugs so now I’m ready to release the smaller travel size bottles.

MSM: One of the things that makes your site unique is your personal interaction with members and your willingness to consider member requests. What has been the wildest request you’ve received so far? Has there been a request that you didn’t think you’d enjoy but later it turned out that you did? Have there been requests that you refused to do?
JEFF: Yes, a big part of my STR8Cam site is taking requests from members. Plus that’s what keeps my shows really interesting and entertaining. The wildest request so far was to poop on cam… I refused to do that as it just wasn’t for me. One request I almost rejected but decided to do was to piss on camera during my show. That show actually turned out really good. I think I called it “Muscle and Piss” or something like that. I even have the DVD from that one available for sale on my site.

MSM: That sounds hot! You’ve done so many scenes over the years, when someone joins your site what video do you think they should check out first?
JEFF: One of the hotter scenes on my site is from a recent video I did called “Porno Mag Pounding”. This was a private show that I did for one of my members, Bob. About a month ago Bob sent me two porno mags. One was Hustler and the other was Penthouse. Bob wanted me to open up the magazines while talking about how hot the girls were. He wanted me on the floor with the camera up higher so my body was in full view the whole time. I started out in the chair and opened up the magazines and my cock started growing on its own. I had the biggest and hardest erection I’ve had in a while! I was flipping through pages of porn and grabbing my dick and jerking my cock. The girls were hot as hell with tight little asses and big breasts. I was really fucking horny and I started fucking the girls on the pages! Rubbing my dick and pre-cum all over their pussy. Bucking back and forth and really enjoying what I was seeing. The video turned out fucking hot… I’m getting hard right now thinking about it again! It’s an awesome video! I’ve got a ton of other hot videos on my site but this is one I think a new member should check out if they want to bust a nut!

MSM: A final question: What’s one thing that your fans would probably be very surprised to know about you?
JEFF: In reality I’m actually pretty shy. I’m not the guy in the gym who loves attention. I usually workout in a long sleeve shirt but that’s also to sweat more and to keep my pump going longer. I hate public speaking or talking in front of large groups. When I first started my cam site, I did not get naked. I was too shy. I only flexed some and talked with my viewers. Then as I got more comfortable I starting into my full fledged shows like they are today. Bet you would be surprised to know that from watching me on cam now. hehe

MSM: Thanks Jeff for talking with us!
JEFF: My pleasure!