Forest Cliff

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

I have to admit I have a soft spot for cute, young, furry guys. Or maybe that’s a hard spot since my dick tends to stand at full attention when I see them. A while back I was surfing on the Chaturbate website and stumbled upon the hot must-see man you see on this page, Forest Cliff. I was so captivated by his sexy face, fuzzy body and charismatic presence that I immediately checked out his LinkTree page where I was able to find his Twitter (now X) and OnlyFans accounts to get more. I was not disappointed. Besides being fucking adorable (and adorably fuckable), Forest has one of my other favorite traits, the ability to shoot huge loads of cum. I’m talking about volcanic level spurts here, guys. Definitely worth checking out!

Forest was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed, so let’s all get to know this hunky young otter/cub/bear:

MustSeeMen: Hey Forest, thanks for doing this interview. To start off let’s get some basics out of the way. How old are you?
Forest: I just turned 26 years old, born July 25th. I’m a Leo!

MSM: What’s your height & weight?
Forest: I’m 5’8 and weigh 165 pounds.

MSM: Single or hitched?
Forest: I’m in a long term relationship, almost 7 years.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: What do you think your best body part or feature is?
Forest: It’s either my fuzzy eyebrows or my fuzzy ass. Maybe it’s just the fuzz!

MSM: Yeah, I gotta admit I love thick eyebrows. Ok, moving down below, how big is your dick?
Forest: 6 inches.

MSM: And what part of the world are you in right now?
Forest: Currently I’m in Brooklyn. I love it but I miss nature. I’m originally from Seattle.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: You seem pretty fit. Did you play any sports in high school or college?
Forest: I played soccer.

MSM: What kind of work do you do when not doing nude chats or videos?
Forest: I work in the film/tv industry, as a writer, production coordinator, and production assistant. I studied creative writing and business in college.

MSM: What are your hobbies, things you do for fun?
Forest: I love creating art, whether that’s writing wild horror screenplays, painting or ceramics. I also spend a lot of time in nature: climbing trees, stretching, meditating, swimming, rolling in the mud, etc. I would love to try acting.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: What movies, TV shows, books and music do you like?
Forest: I like weird stuff. Stuff that tries to break the mold. I think that makes it exciting. Horror movies tend to be the weirdest so that’s my favorite genre. I read a lot of non-fiction science books, especially about evolution and space. And electronic/dance music is my favorite.

MSM: What’s your favorite food?
Forest: Smoked salmon and raspberries.

MSM: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Forest: I want to go to a swamp, have the quintessential swamp experience. So, Louisiana, on a canoe, with a banjo, surrounded by crocodiles and fireflies.

MSM: Maybe you’ll see Kermit the Frog out there! Switching topics, what would you say is your sexuality?
Forest: I would say 90% gay, 10% straight.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: So in that 10% straight have you ever had sex with a woman to see what it’s like and what happened?
Forest: Yes. I lost my virginity to a woman. She was my high school girlfriend. I was 16. We were in a public park under a tree and someone walked by but I don’t think they knew what was happening. She actually ended up being my best friend!

MSM: And your first gay experience?
Forest: First time with a man was when I was 18. It was from Grindr… I just showed up at his house.

MSM: So what type of man are you attracted to?
Forest: Humor is really important to me. Someone I can laugh with. Also kindness. On a physical level, I love bears. Big, beefy, hairy men. Basically I want a teddy bear.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: If you could have sex with any celebrity who would it be and what would you do with them?
Forest: David Harbour. I’d want him to walk me like a dog and be his good boy. Then later I’d tie him down and ride him.

MSM: What body part on another person gets you aroused?
Forest: It’s all about the eyes… but also cock. And feet.

MSM: What gets you off the most sexually?
Forest: Flirting. The building of sexual tension with someone I have chemistry with, the anticipation. Scooching closer and closer to them on the couch while Netflix plays, the nervous giggling inside the bar.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: Ok, so you’re with a guy and they want to give you an instant hard-on. What do they do?
Forest: Tickle my balls. Or putting their hand down my pants and squeezing my ass. Shoving my head down on their crotch also works.

MSM: What about kink? Are you into that?
Forest: I’m very kinky. Sometimes I’m a cocky little dominant prince who will force you to lick my hairy ass, other times I’m a submissive puppy begging to get fucked. Also cuckold stuff, like yea, fuck my boyfriend with that big cock stud!

MSM: Do you have a wild sex fantasy and what is it?
Forest: A threesome! Making out with my boyfriend while a third tops us doggy style.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: What made you want to get naked on sites like Chaturbate and OnlyFans?
Forest: I got interested in Chaturbate when I was 18, because it seemed like a fun, safe, sexy way to make money. The adrenaline junkie in me also liked the thrill of performing live (still does).

MSM: As someone who has seen your online work I’d have to say you really seem to really enjoy it.
Forest: It’s fucking fun, and freeing! And empowering! I grew up in a strictly religious household and it’s in rebellion to all of that stuff. The world would be so much better off if we were all sexually more open and satisfied. We’re too high-strung! I love being blatantly gay and sexual on the internet, it’s like, this is the future! And anyone that cares, they’re not my crowd anyways. Kindness, loyalty, intelligence, and creativity are the morals that matter to me, none of this slut-shaming nonsense.

MSM: I agree. So what do you like most about being on OnlyFans, Chaturbate, etc.?
Forest: It allows me to explore my sexuality and my creative side simultaneously. It’s a fun challenge for me: How can I keep my content interesting? How can I keep growing and evolving? How can I open up more to my audience? I feel like it’s helping me to be more comfortable in my skin and connect with others. Also the Leo in me loves a little ego stroking.

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff

MSM: I’m always curious about cam models and if anyone ever recognizes you from your online work.
Forest: People kinda recognize me, it’s always like “I feel like I know you from somewhere”!

MSM: So how long do you see yourself doing modeling?
Forest: For 3 or 4 more years. Or as long as I feel I can keep evolving with it. For the moment, I think there’s more it can teach me. I would like to be able to show off my goofy side a bit more first.

MSM: What about the future? Do you want to do more in this biz and if so what?
Forest: There are some Onlyfans creators who I’m in awe of. They market their personalities so successfully by making these creative, funny, erotic, Tik-toks and Instagram reels. I’m jealous of their talent and I want to emulate them! I’d also like to find a personalized niche, like I could see myself streaming while painting in nature nude. Sounds fun!

MSM: Alright, I’ll be looking forward to that as I’m sure all of your fans will too. Thanks Forest for taking time out for this interview.
Forest: You’re welcome!

Click here to visit Forest’s LinkTree page for direct links to his OnlyFans, Twitter (X), Chaturbate and other social media accounts. He’s a furry young Must See Man you’ll definitely enjoy!

Furry Porn Hunk Forest Cliff