Mike Gaite from Pride Studios

Mike Gaite

Slim and toned is a good way to describe Mike Gaite. His body is sort…

James Jamesson from Next Door Studios

James Jamesson

Red-haired muscle jock is a Nordic fantasy.

Marshall White at College Dudes

Marshall White

Strapping young beefcake is 100% jock.

Foster from Chaos Men


Foster is one horny young man. In his first solo jack-off video at the Chaos…

Michael Boston gets fucked

Michael Boston

Michael Boston caught my eye for an unusual reason: this sexy 22 year old smiles…

Nick Cheney at Blake Mason

Nick Cheney

Most of the solo jack-off videos I watch start off with an on camera interview…

Gay pornstar Jeffry Branson

Jeffry Branson

Bentley Race has said that of all the hot guys he’s filmed for his gay…

AJ Monroe

AJ Monroe is one of those guys you can find at several gay porn sites….


Weston is a big beefy hunk from Colorado who stands 6 feet 3 inches tall…

Mike Bollins from Pride Studios

Mike Bollins

Hunky straight dude you just want to hug.

James Huntsman from Next Door Studios

James Huntsman

In his first solo jack-off video James Huntsman plays a mechanic working on a car….

Mark Marin from College Dudes

Mark Marin

I’ve been digging into my gay porn archives and while looking through my folder of…

Flint from Chaos Men


Sexy, adorable, cute, and cool all rolled into one

Straight boy Lucas Weston

Lucas Weston

Lucas Weston is an enigma. He made several gay porn videos at the Broke Straight…

Gay porn superstar Luke Desmond

Luke Desmond

Luke Desmond reminds me of the Tardis on the popular British sci-fi TV show Doctor…

Cute black nude model Jay Mercer

Jay Mercer

Bentley Race operates a hot gay porn website based in Australia but every now and…

Brian Bonds

You might remember Brian Bonds in an article we did about Prince Harry look-alikes awhile…

Quentin Gainz

Check out the incredibly toned Quentin Gainz, one of the new recruits at Active Duty….

Latin man JJ from Pride Studios


Brazilian cutie with a mega watt smile.

Dylan McLovin from Next Door Studios

Dylan McLovin

Goofy name, hot young stud.

Manning Carr from College Dudes

Manning Carr

Hairy and masculine, Manning Carr is quite a looker. I’m a sucker for facial hair…

Derek Atlas

Derek Atlas

Derek Atlas stops by Chaos Men for nude fun

Johnny Forza at Broke Straight Boys

Johnny Forza

He’s one of the most popular models at the Broke Straight Boys website, starting his…

Kingsley naked at Blake Mason

Kingsley Rippon

Just look at the big happy smile on Kingsley Rippon’s face and you just know…

Nude model James Nowak

James Nowak

James Nowak is my new favorite must-see man at the Bentley Race gay porn site….

Sergio Soldi

Now here’s a man’s man that should get your dick hard. Sergio Soldi is a…

Gamble from Active Duty


For me to spotlight a guy who has only done a few videos he must…

Jay Armstrong from Pride Studios

Jay Armstrong

This bald hunk is a big shooter with a sexy attitude.

David from Next Door Studios


Sexy and horny college wrestler busts a nut.

Liam Corolla from College Dudes

Liam Corolla

This shaggy haired self described hippie is Liam Corolla, a cute young guy you can…

Delaney from Chaos Men


Nothing beats a red-haired horny dude when you’re looking for some fine jack-off material and…

Cute guy Jeremy Hunt nude

Jeremy Hunt

I usually prefer to tell you about must-see men who have made at least a…

Naked model Jon


The model I’m introducing you to today is named Jon and he’s somewhat of a…