Max Hilton

Max Hilton is a mountain of a man. Forget Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro, I want to climb this muscle hunk! He’s from Spain and obviously a body-builder, with a light covering of chest hair and some interesting tattoos of snakes and scorpions. Max also has one of my favorite attributes on a man, huge brown nipples! I could suck on those half dollar size tits all day! As of this writing he has appeared in three very hot videos at the Kristen Bjorn website. I’ve reviewed each below with a photo gallery.

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“Casting Couch #395” starring Max Hilton and Xavi Duran

In Max’s first Casting Couch video he is the sex “beginner” paired with “expert” Xavi Duran. The two muscle studs do some heavy making out while wearing tight briefs just barely containing their massive bulges. Max is the first to peel off the underwear and his thick uncut tool snaps up to full mast, begging for Xavi’s mouth.

After Max gets a rather lengthy blowjob, Xavi hops up on a chair and gives Max a chance to taste his cock. Xavi is kind of average in the size department, perhaps a good thing for someone new to cocksucking, so Max is able to take it down to the base several times.

The less than monster size cock may also help out Max in his first fucking since his virgin ass can better take Xavi’s dick. Max gets it from behind doggie style before mounting Xavi and riding the hard cock while his own rod stays at full attention. The scene wraps up with Xavi cumming over Max’s snake tattoo on his shoulder, which makes Max pump out some squirts of cum on to his hairy belly.

Max Hilton in Casting Couch 395

“Blue Jeans” starring Max Hilton and Bela Barbell

In the aptly named “Blue Jeans” Max starts out shirtless in, well, blue jeans of course, flexing and massaging his hunky body with his huge muscular hands. My gawd, the biceps on this dude must have their own zip code! Max quickly peels down the jeans to reveal an already rock hard uncut cock which he strokes and waves at the camera.

Once he’s all horned up Bela Barbell enters the scene and gives Max a sensuous kiss before stuffing his cock into Max’s hungry mouth. The hairy hunk sure knows how to suck cock as he bobs up and down quickly on Bela’s boner. Max’s cock finally gets some attention of its own when Bela chows down on the uncut rod, giving extra attention to the foreskin with his tongue.

Ass play is next with Max rimming out Bela’s hot hole, making it nice and wet for Max’s cock to slide into. The boys flip positions with Bela fucking Max on his back, that cute cock of his staying rock hard during the pounding. Max can’t hold back and the cum goes spurting out, followed by Bela shooting his cream across Max’s belly.

Max Hilton in Blue Jeans

“Muscles” starring Max Hilton and Robin Sanchez

In “Muscles” we see Max flexing and showing off his massive body. The brown eyed hunk is joined by another bodybuilder, Robin Sanchez, and the two do some mutual body worship while we look on. Robin pays extra special attention to the massive tree-trunk size thighs belonging to Max, and while massaging and admiring them up close, Robin is of course drawn to the bulge between the thighs.

When the posing briefs come off the two hunks kiss while doing some sword play with their rigid cocks, then Robin hops up on a chair so Max can blow him. Robin’s cock is average size in length but looks to be extra thick so Max certainly has a mouthful to deal with. The dudes flip and Max sits back to enjoy some nice cocksucking work by Robin.

When its time for fucking Max plays the top, drilling Robin good with his eight inch cock, forcing a hot stream of splooge out of Robin, then Max cums himself on to his muscle buddies still hard cock.

Max Hilton in Muscles

Max Hilton is an amazing muscle hunk you need to see at the Kristen Bjorn website.