Brodie Jackson

Say hello to Brodie Jackson, a straight young country boy from a small town near Dallas, Texas. He has a sexy southern accent and a hunky, athletic body with a spattering of tattoos. He’s one of those guys who looks kind of average when he’s just sitting around in clothes, but get him out of those clothes and ask him to flex his muscles and WOW, look out!

Brodie did two solo jack off videos and a group j/o scene, but my favorite video has got to be the 60 minute archived version of his live webcast. This is where we really get to know Brodie. For example, we find out that he grew up wrestling and riding bulls (yes, actual bulls!). He also lost his virginity at 13 and confesses to trying all sorts of kinky sex acts.

I think what I like best about Brodie is the youthful energy he radiates. He’s got a smile that’s both sly and sweet, and I could stare into his soulful brown eyes all day. Another unique thing about Brodie is the way he masturbates. He gets this look of concentration on his face while his cheeks flush. And when he cums, he has such intensity I was afraid he was going to shoot his eye out. Luckily, he’s a splatterer and not a long range shooter, so his face was safe. But he did end up with a lovely coat of jizz all over his gorgeous chest.

If you’re not hard and horny yet you will be as you take a look at Brodie Jackson!

See more of this must-see man NOW at Randy Blue!

See more of this must-see man NOW at Randy Blue!