Justin Blakely

Remember several years back when America was introduced to former Alaska governor, former Vice Presidential candidate and Tina Fey look-alike Sarah Palin? Say what you will about her contribution to society but if not for her we never would have been introduced to Levi Johnston, the hunky young father of her grandson. I remember the first photo I saw of Levi, decked out in his hockey uniform and looking all studly. I knew right then that he was a hot guy worth keeping an eye on and I looked forward to the day we would get to see him naked. You can imagine my delight when I learned he’d be posing for Playgirl… I even planned to profile Levi on this site and give him the coveted “must-see” status. But alas, Levi never showed his Johnston so I couldn’t honestly say his nude photo spread was a “must-see”.

Which brings me to the young man on this page, Justin Blakely. When I saw his photos and video scene I immediately noticed an uncanny resemblance to Levi Johnston. I wouldn’t say they are identical twins, but they definitely share some of the same physical characteristics. They both have that young, rugged face, masculine demeanor and straight boy charisma. The difference is that Justin looks a tad younger and has a beefier body than Levi. Oh, and he has no problem showing off his thick cock and hairy ass! The resemblance between these guys is close enough that I think Justin could be Levi’s younger brother. So perhaps Justin can fulfill any fantasies you had about Levi Johnston. Or even if Levi is not your cup of tea, maybe Justin is.

Justin is originally from Las Vegas and just turned 20 years old when he made his first porno. He’s a very soft spoken, serious young man who also has a wild sexual streak. He admits he likes his sex “rough” and has fantasies of “food sex” and “getting caught” while fucking. He doesn’t label himself as straight or gay and admits to having a “fuck buddy”. He has a very hunky body and is smooth above the waist but extremely hairy below. Fur lovers will salivate over his ass.

In his jack-off video he sticks his extra thick cock into one of those clear Fleshjack sextoys and ultimately sprays his cum across an acrylic table top, with a camera stationed below to give you the point of view of seeing his white goo shooting down on you. Justin tells us up front he’s “gonna give us a good show” and he certainly delivers. Justin also made several hardcore gay sex scenes and in his final performance he gets fucked!

Take some time to enjoy Justin Blakely, one of my favorite must-see guys.

See more of this must-see man NOW at Randy Blue!

See more of this must-see man NOW at Randy Blue!