When a guy like Kenya walks past you, it’s impossible not to look. Where do you start? The deep, penetrating eyes… sexy buzzcut… facial scruff that transforms what would be a boyish face into a manly ruggedness. It’s all good. And then there’s the body. Kenya likes things natural, preferring lots of physical activity to replace his gym visits whenever possible. He’s got just the right amount of body hair, with a nicely clipped chest, furry legs and a sexy handful of pubes nestled over a cock that will make your mouth water.

One of the most striking things about Kenya is his body art. A striking collection of designs adorn both arms, a cross decorates his left pec, and an incredible mural covers his well formed back. The tat on his right arm is his newest acquisition and you may wonder who the artist was that did such amazing work. Kenya will proudly tell you it was himself. Not only is he incredibly sexy, but he’s a very talented tattoo artist as well.

Nothing about Kenya is average, not even his sex. He admitted during a live webcam appearance that he’s got a definite kinky streak. He’s so hot to look at, and when he starts working that cock of his it’s like a mechanic working a piece of heavy machinery. Rough at times, pounding the pud into submission and then gentle as he strokes every inch of lubed up flesh, playfully teasing each nerve ending making his erection throb with excitement. Then back to some hardcore jerking as if priming the pump of a fire hose that needs to bring down a blazing inferno. But when it comes time to shoot, he doesn’t just jerk like mad and spray his seed all over. He brings himself to the brink and then milks himself slowly, drawing out every last drop of cum in a slow, seductive climax.

Is it any wonder I consider Kenya to be a must-see man?

See more of this must-see man NOW at Randy Blue!

See more of this must-see man NOW at Randy Blue!