Most guys who do porn do not use their real name. That’s to prevent guys like me from tracking them down and stalking them… not that I would ever do that. (wink-wink) The names you see on porn sites are pseudonyms or “stage names” to protect the guys privacy. But as these young men go about their daily lives they occasionally achieve some level of fame or notoriety beyond the world of porn, and then someone inevitably discovers their adult video work and “outs” them to the world. Such is the case with the young man on this page who I first profiled several years ago when he appeared on the Sean Cody gay porn website as Danny.

Well, it turns out that after doing several porn videos Danny entered the world of mixed martial arts fighting and became pretty famous at it, even being featured on the FX reality Series The Ultimate Fighter 15. Of course, this resulted in many of his Sean Cody fans recognizing him. They started posting his true identity on Facebook and several websites and to his credit Danny admitted it was indeed him when asked in several interviews. Here at Must See Men I am not in the habit of revealing the real names of the guys I profile but since the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, I don’t see the point in hiding it anymore. So say hello to Danny, aka MMA Fighter Dakota Cochrane.

Danny/Dakota is probably one of the last guys at Sean Cody I would peg as an MMA fighter. He’s just so sweet and innocent looking with that All-American smile, fine blonde hair and boyish face. How could this cute dude beat up anyone? He was only 20 years old when he did his first Sean Cody video, a solo jack-off scene where he cums twice! In that scene we learn that he’s from the mid-west and has never been out of his home state before. Sean said that everything in Southern California was new to Danny, who had a big grin on his face the whole time he was there. But he also had a “dirty” side that Sean eventually captured in a whopping 16 subsequent videos!

Danny experienced the whole gamut of gay sexual experiences, from stuffing dildos up his ass to letting a guy suck his dick, to fucking a guy and eventually sucking cock himself. The highlight of his Sean Cody work was the scene called “Danny Gets Fucked”, the subject of which is kind of self-explanatory from the title. It’s always exciting to see a so-called straight guy take a dick up his ass for the first time and Danny’s moans and screams of pleasure did not disappoint.

When discussing his porn work, Dakota said he’s straight and only did gay for pay scenes because he needed the money. You’ll have to watch his videos for yourself to determine if he was a great actor or maybe just enjoyed a hard cock up his ass a teensy little bit. So whether you see him fighting as Dakota Cochrane or fucking as Danny, this is one must-see man worth checking out!

Sean Cody and MMA fighter Danny naked
MMA fighter Dakota Cochrane pose nude
Sean Cody model Danny gets naked
MMA Dakota Cochrane nude frontal photo from Sean Cody

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