I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “cherub” to describe a guy here at Must See Men but that word certainly fits Connor, a cute young dude you can see at the Southern Strokes gay porn website. To refresh your memory, the word cherub is defined as “a person with a sweet, chubby, innocent face”. The word is often associated with Cupid, that cute little guy with the arrow who shows up on Valentine’s Day. I could easily imagine Connor as Cupid, in a tiny diaper shooting people with arrows. Of course Connor shoots something else in his video at Southern Strokes. Something warm, white and sticky, all across his belly!

As soon as I saw Connor’s curly blonde hair and fresh young face I fell in lust and thought he was a must-see man but I have to admit I almost didn’t share him with you. I was reading comments about Connor on another blog and to my surprise several people did not find Connor as captivating as I did. This made me second guess my choice, but then I took another looks at Connor’s sweet face and rock hard cock and said screw it, this is my site and I love this dude! If you’re still reading this far perhaps you’re like me and find Connor to be a huggable little hunk you’d love to scoop up and kiss all day.

Conner is 21 years old, a compact 5 feet, 7 inches tall and he weighs 160 pounds. He’s a student at a southern university studying to be a doctor. He also says he’s bisexual and in his video he shares the story of his first gay sex experience, which only happened about 6 months ago. So if you like cute things like puppies, kittens and young college jocks, Connor should make you happy!

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