Ryan C

There is something about Ryan C that really, really turns me on. I’m not sure if its his baby face, his mischievous little grin, his mop-top haircut or his sea blue eyes, sometimes adorned with wire-rim glasses. Or maybe its his huge 8 inch dick? Ryan is only 5 feet 7 inches tall so his erect cock looks even more massive on that small frame. Ryan simply has the porn “X-factor”, or that hard to define quality that makes me want to watch him have sex all day long.

Ryan was just 19 years old when he started doing gay porn at Southern Strokesa few years ago. They spotted him in a Bar-B-Q restaurant and approached him right away about nude modeling. Ryan had a ton of questions and was apprehensive at first but he eventually came around and shot a solo jerk-off scene where he fingered his own ass. It was all uphill after that as Ryan made about a dozen more videos with guys who sucked on his thick dick and allowed Ryan to penetrate their tight asses. In one scene Ryan even agreed to bottom for the first time! But Ryan is not gay and he actually has a girlfriend. Like many young men these days Ryan is open to the idea of having sex with anyone as long as it feels good… and pays some cash.

So when you visit Southern Strokes make sure you do a search for Ryan C. His boyish charm will captivate you and provide lots of jacking off pleasure.

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