Zack is not your typical nude male model. Yes, he has a cute face, a body to die for and a large, uncut dick, but this young man definitely has more going for him. Some of the things you’ll notice right off the bat are his glasses, which give him an intellectual look, and then traveling down his smooth tanned body you’ll see a unique tattoo with a personal inscription that must have meant a great deal to him. Then as you watch his videos at Southern Strokes you’ll no doubt be surprised by his deep southern voice. Zack is only 5’6” so having such a deep masculine voice seems a little out of place, but you’ll soon find it very sexy, just like the rest of him. Zack is one of those rare must-see men that you not only want to jerk off too, but also hit him up for an interesting conversation. He was one of the first models ever filmed at Southern Strokes and he’s still a fan favorite.

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