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Alejandro Fusco from HotJox.com

Alejandro Fusco

Hairy Latin pornstud Alejandro Fusco naked and horny!

Jan Sourek

Sometimes I think I should change the name of this website to “Wow, what a…

Bearded Skippy Baxter poses naked

Skippy Baxter

Bentley Race has been trying for years to get his friend Skippy Baxter to appear…


He’s an ex-Military man plus ex-high school football player and has the body to prove…

Tony Orion from Pride Studios

Tony Orion

Latin hunk Tony Orion is great in bed, bad on dance floor.

Wagner from Lucas Kazan


Be still my heart! Wagner is a must-see heart-throb with a boyishly handsome yet rugged…

Riccardo Oliveria from Lucas Kazan

Riccardo Oliveria

Bisexual and Brazilian, Riccardo Oliveri has a smile that never quits. This handsome 23 year…

Redhead nude model Tristan Folder

Tristan Folder

Can we agree that redheads are HOT? Tristan Folder is proof yet again that something…

Diego Frondi from Lucas Kazan

Diego Frondi

Today I’m writing about a guy who really pushes all my sexual buttons. I’ll admit…

Angelo Fasano from Lucas Kazan

Angelo Fasano

I couldn’t get to my keyboard fastest enough to tell you about this must-see man….

Chaos Men Nude Model Milan


Is it possible that thick eyebrows turn me on as much or more than a…

Gay pornstar hunk Ricky Ares

Ricky Ares

You might wonder what American porn star Ricky Ares is doing on the Australian based…

Spunk Worthy uncut hunk Chewy


Once again the SpunkWorthy gay porn website does not fail to disappoint when it comes…

Micky Petrov naked

Micky Petrov

Say hello, or since he’s Bulgarian, say “Zdraveite” to Micky Petrov, a 20 year old…

Nude Hunk Ricky Larkin

Ricky Larkin

Awhile back I wrote about Tony Orion, one of my favorite must-see men at the…

Mark Long from Next Door Studios

Mark Long

Mark Long is like a fine wine, he’s getting much better as he ages. In…

Riley Tess

Here’s a hairy young British guy I think you may enjoy. Riley Tess is one…

Mike Gaite from Pride Studios

Mike Gaite

Slim and toned is a good way to describe Mike Gaite. His body is sort…

James Jamesson from Next Door Studios

James Jamesson

Red-haired muscle jock is a Nordic fantasy.

Quentin Gainz

Check out the incredibly toned Quentin Gainz, one of the new recruits at Active Duty….

Manning Carr from College Dudes

Manning Carr

Hairy and masculine, Manning Carr is quite a looker. I’m a sucker for facial hair…

Nude model James Nowak

James Nowak

James Nowak is my new favorite must-see man at the Bentley Race gay porn site….

Cute guy Jeremy Hunt nude

Jeremy Hunt

I usually prefer to tell you about must-see men who have made at least a…

Nude hunk David Chase

David Chase

David Chase has done a wide range of gay porn work over the years, from…

Brian Green from Pride Studios

Brian Green

Hunky dude with dreamy blue eyes takes a bath.

Brad Banks from Active Duty

Brad Banks

It’s always fun and interesting to see a new gay pornstar evolve from a shy…

Brandon Beal naked

Brandon Beal

Today’s must-see man is a young horny guy you can see exclusively at the Broke…

Chris Finch at Bentley Race

Chris Finch

Recently I told you about Jay Mercer, a hot young guy from Texas discovered by…

Nude model Bruno Bernel

Bruno Bernal

Incredibly sexy are the first two words that came to mind when I saw Bruno…

Aro Damacino

Today’s must-see man is a sexy dude from the Middle East named Aro Damacino. He’s…