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Alejandro Fusco from HotJox.com

Alejandro Fusco

Hairy Latin pornstud Alejandro Fusco naked and horny!

Mario Domini from Lucas Kazan

Mario Domini

Imagine being hot and sexual enough to have both a girlfriend AND a boyfriend at…

Aussie Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Here’s a straight 22 year old lad from Australia I think you’ll like. His name…

Ivo Kerk

I was digging through some of my past video downloads from the Badpuppy gay porn…

Spunk Worthy cute guy Corey


I’m digging into my archives today to tell you about one of the early models…

Jan Sourek

Sometimes I think I should change the name of this website to “Wow, what a…

Dmitry Dickov from GayHoopla

Dmitry Dickov

Just like JJ Swift, Cole Money and a few others, Dmitry Dickov may look familiar…

Allen King from Cocky Boys

Allen King

So far Allen King has done about 10 hardcore gay sex videos for Cocky Boys…

Tony Orion from Pride Studios

Tony Orion

Latin hunk Tony Orion is great in bed, bad on dance floor.

Nude model Ryan Kai

Ryan Kai

Kittens and puppies have got nothing on Ryan Kai when it comes to cuteness. This…

Yuri from Lucas Kazan


Brazilian muscle hunk and dancer with a huge cock.

Riccardo Oliveria from Lucas Kazan

Riccardo Oliveria

Bisexual and Brazilian, Riccardo Oliveri has a smile that never quits. This handsome 23 year…

Ettore Tosi from Lucas Kazan

Ettore Tosi

Blue-eyed, furry stud will make you hard

Justin LeBeau from Cocky Boys

Justin LeBeau

One of my favorite things to see on a young guy is shaggy hair so…

Jerome Reynolds

With a captivating smile that never quits, Jerome Reynolds is a sexy young guy who…

Diego Frondi from Lucas Kazan

Diego Frondi

Today I’m writing about a guy who really pushes all my sexual buttons. I’ll admit…

Angelo Fasano from Lucas Kazan

Angelo Fasano

I couldn’t get to my keyboard fastest enough to tell you about this must-see man….

Gay pornstar hunk Ricky Ares

Ricky Ares

You might wonder what American porn star Ricky Ares is doing on the Australian based…

Rick Bauer

Rick Bauer has appeared in several adult videos for different websites and according to crews…

Spunk Worthy uncut hunk Chewy


Once again the SpunkWorthy gay porn website does not fail to disappoint when it comes…

Alexei from Lucas Kazan


If you like your men big and beefy have I got a guy for you….

Paul Fresh

Inimitable is a word you don’t hear very often. I don’t think I’ve ever used…

Rugby player Tyler poses nude


Tyler is a big ‘ol baby faced hunk who jerked off on video a few…

Jerry Stone

With the All-American sounding name Jerry Stone you might think this young man is from…

Nicolay from Pride Studios


9 1/2 inches of cock makes a nice Soviet stud missile.

Ivan at Chaos Men


The Chaos Men porn site got a real winner when they found Ivan, the cute…

Riley Tess

Here’s a hairy young British guy I think you may enjoy. Riley Tess is one…

Michael Boston gets fucked

Michael Boston

Michael Boston caught my eye for an unusual reason: this sexy 22 year old smiles…

Nick Cheney at Blake Mason

Nick Cheney

Most of the solo jack-off videos I watch start off with an on camera interview…

Gay pornstar Jeffry Branson

Jeffry Branson

Bentley Race has said that of all the hot guys he’s filmed for his gay…

Gay porn superstar Luke Desmond

Luke Desmond

Luke Desmond reminds me of the Tardis on the popular British sci-fi TV show Doctor…

Latin man JJ from Pride Studios


Brazilian cutie with a mega watt smile.

Kingsley naked at Blake Mason

Kingsley Rippon

Just look at the big happy smile on Kingsley Rippon’s face and you just know…