Have you ever noticed that almost every male porn performer has a huge dick? “Duh!” you say… that’s what gay men want! Perhaps, but I actually don’t mind seeing a guy with a less than average cock size every now and then. I guess this makes me a “reverse size-queen”, or someone who actually enjoys average size or even, dare I say, small dicks. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing a monster size cock as much as the next guy, but occasionally a guys like Aston really turns me on.

Can you blame me? Aston is fucking hot! He’s got the ultimate “hunk” body… very huggable, not really super muscular, but definitely not fat either. He’s tanned and smooth all over and has a really sexy face. And as I said, he has a cute little uncut dick that looks very thick when hard. If Aston ever reads this I hope he isn’t pissed off at my attention to his dick size. He should know that a lot of guys have average-size cocks (like me!) and many enjoy seeing another dude with one, especially if he’s super hot!

Aston actually had a crush on another guy I’ve written about, Dakota James, and he said he’d love to do a fuck scene with him. That hasn’t happened yet, but in the meantime he’s made several videos including a solo, a sex toy scene and some hardcore gay sex videos with his real life partner.

So if you’re a size queen, you may want to move on to some of the other men I’ve profiled here. But if you’ve read this far and like what you see, check out Aston and enjoy his bite-sized goodness.

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