If you grew up gay I’ll bet you had a crush on a high school football player (or maybe even the whole team, as in my case!). Well, if this sounds familiar then you’ll definitely want to check out Chance. As you can see by the pics on this page, Chance has that beefy, football player build that defines the word “hunk”: nice man-tits, just enough body hair and a boyish, sexy face. Oh yeah, and check out that uncut dick! Sausage anyone?

In many ways Chance is like the poster boy for hunky men because he epitomizes the beefy, stocky guys that the word “hunk” brings to mind. Chance did a bunch of videos at The Guy Site (link below) including several gay duo scenes and even one hetero vid where he fucks a chick. Who wouldn’t want to be embraced by a big warm bear hug from this dude? So if you’re into Grade A beefy men, Chance is a must-see!

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